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Amateur stock traders often lose money on stock trading over time due to two reasons: poor documentation and uneducated decisions.  These problems exacerbate over time if/ when a user decides to buy more of the same stock or sell it.  Overall, we see an issue with the average user not understanding the “why” of their decisions.

The solution is the give the user a set of tools which allows them the means to document their decisions and update them as new information becomes available. The first tool, the Journal, allows a user to log their stock trading activities, write notes, and use a graph to view the history of the stock. The second tool, the Alert page, notifies the user when critical updates occur such as rapid changes in price, stock movement, or other technical indicators.

My Tasks

User Interview, User Flows, Personas, User Interface, Prototype, Usability Testing.

My Roles

UX Designer
Collaborated with
Visual Designer

Design Process

Primary Research

Competition Analysis

To understand user needs, will update later


We developed three user personas to help inform the project brief.

User Journey

From the bios, we created a detailed user journey brought all the project needs together.

User Flow

Design & Prototype


After revising the app, I created the wireframe on Figma, and tested it again with three different people. Again, I took their feedback and incorporated it into the final mockup. 


Here is example of screen users will go through when they create guest invitations.
Users can import friend lists from Facebook, mobile contact, email, or other apps.
Guests will respond to their invitations by selecting “Y”, “N”, or “+ [number]” to bring an extra person.