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User Groups New Feature

Tags, Improved Search, and Topics Filtering


Helping Power Platform users easily find relevant groups and events through increased search functionalities (such as providing tags, search, and filtering options) in the user group site.

Timeline: Jan 2022–Present.

My roles:  Interaction Designer & Visual Designer

Collaborated with: UX designer, Content designer, and UX researcher

Company: Microsoft


The current user group experience allows users to search for groups and events based on location only. This means that there is no option for users to search/ filter for groups/events based on their interests.

Power BI User Group site – original method of finding a group session.


Provide users a way to search for groups and events that utilize group/event titles, descriptions, location, topics, goals, or format. This will help users easily find groups and events that align with their interests.


  • Conducted competitor’s audit of their UI/UX to seek out design patterns, strengths, and opportunities.
  • Built the wireframe, designed the user interface, and built the prototype on Figma.
  • Worked with a content designer to finalize content for filtering/sorting options.
  • Worked with a researcher to define user testing goals.


Competitor’s audit

Competitor’s audit on Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, Goldstars, and Microsoft products on how users search for groups and events, filter out the results, and how group leader/event hoster add tags to describe their groups and events.


Content Design

Worked with a content designer and researcher to organize and display the most popular tags/keywords from the database on the UI (such as on filtering) so users can easily filter based on their interests. The rest of the tags can be searched through the search bar.



Groups & Events Tags

User story for a group leader: As a group leader, I want to add topics that best describe my group or event, so people can find my groups and/ or events easily.

Tags are keywords that group leaders create. They are used to describe topics that a group or event will focus on. After associating tags with groups and events, people can find those groups and events easily via search or filtering options.


Search & Topic Filtering

User story: As a user, I want to be able to search for an event or group that fits my interests.

Allow users to search for the name of a group, or specific words that a group or event description contains. With Topic search, users can also have the ability to filter out groups and events based on certain topics that interested them.


Exploring different UX/UI 


Putting together final design proposal to get feedback from different teams



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